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RM8 Off Bershka Items During CNY 2020

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Bershka CNY 2020 via Zalora: 25% Off Everything

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Women’s Shoes From Just RM100 at Bershka

Shop for heels, sandals and more at Bershka and find products available from as little as RM100.
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Women’s Coats & Jackets From RM100

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Women’s Bags From Just RM30

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Men’s Jeans From Just RM90

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Dresses From RM59.90

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Women’s Clothes Are Available At Bershka From RM99

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Men’s Coats & Jackets From RM110

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About Bershka

Bershka was created as a brand in 1998 and its parent group was the Spanish firm known as `Inditex’. Within a couple of years, Bershka’s brand became a point of reference for people who targeted fashion. Nineteen years after its establishment, Bershka has got its brand consolidated in over a hundred shops and it operates more than a thousand outlets in more than seventy nations. The business of this online fashion store covers manufacture, design and distribution of fashion items and accessories.

The Business Model of Bershka

The main objective of Bershka has been to have the latest fashion trends in its stores, It employs its business model which is a flexible one as it adapts to changes that occur during various seasons. The alert sales team of Bershka responds to these changes and brings in new items to the stores in quick time. Every season, models are developed by these creative marketing teams.

What is so great about the Bershka concept?

The stores of Bershka are identified and distinguished all over the world by their strategic locations and their finely detailed architecture that includes screens, background music, modern graphics, projections and fashionable colours. Space is converted into trend-setting spacious showcases that are carefully planned. The images extend from windows right down to the arrangement of items within the stores. The stores use contemporary furniture designs and lighting equipment that is state-of-the-art. These features attract shoppers to Bershka for an ultimate shopping experience. The new concept in Bershka stores converts the whole shop space into a large shopping window that leaves a huge glass in front; this enables the entire shop and its whole collection to be easily seen by customers. Who is attracted to Bershka’s Product Lines? The targeted audience for Bershka stores is characterised by youth and adventurous people who are well aware of all the latest fashion trends and are also interested in social networks, music and new types of technologies. Among Bershka’s product lines, BSK is the distinguished brand for youth. The stores are divided into separate spaces that are meant for different kinds of product lines that are offered. In sections like Bershka, Man and BSK, products have been placed as per their data-styles and they help create a large spectrum which ranges from sports to casual wear and from essential basic garments to fashionable trends.

Discount Codes and Promotion Vouchers

There are various items on promotion right now that could be availed of through discount codes. They are women’s jackets and coats that are priced from RM 100. Shoppers could save up to 80% and there is no need for codes for these items. Sunglasses for men are available from RM 40 only and there is a large collection at Bershka. Codes are needed and they can be accessed at cupomato, of course! Dresses are also available through codes from RM 41.90 only. Bershka, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!