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More about Emirates:

Emirates - fly in style

If you love to travel internationally and you do it frequently, you know very well that comfort is essential. Especially on those long flights, which seem to be much too tiring for you to cope with unfriendly customer service assistants and horrible food. Fortunately, you can choose Emirates Airline, which will make every journey an unforgettable one. In a good sense!   And cupomato is here to help you save some money as well. By subscribing, you can be much better off financially in such areas as fashion, beauty, food, drink and yes – travel.


Emirates Airways is based in Dubai and owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Nowadays it is believed to be one of the best airlines in the world that is also one of two flagship carriers of the United Arab Emirates. “Hello Tomorrow” – this catchword welcomes us when we get on website. This is the booking site operated by one of the most significant airlines in the world – Emirates. The company offers an excellent variety of destinations all over the globe. What else does it offer exactly? The fantastic possibility to be physically connected to the world! With Emirates, you can go wherever you wish!  

Growing and modifying

Emirates is a company that originates from United Arab Emirates – country developing rapidly and having unbelievable economic capabilities. Its headquarters is located in Dubai, one of fascinating cities in the world. As befits such origin and location, Emirates enchants the world with their approach to business matters and customer service. Not only is Emirates one of the youngest airlines in the world with one of the newest fleets, but it also operates in the most modern way. The way that embraces updating organizational solutions, modifying methods of management and, last but not least, permanent modernization of used appliances. The results are the best of possible – unstoppable growth that makes Emirates one of the biggest airlines in the world with possibilities of being the largest one shortly.   Emirates stands out by its level of services. What’s important, it refers to each class. Every passenger is treated with the utmost respect and can feel at home in any of the company’s planes. The flight service will make everything they can to satisfy the client – they will provide them with delicious, hearty meals, drinks, entertainment such as music and movies. This also includes the endless list of destinations Emirates is globally recognized for its destinations. As said, it’s an airline of infinite possibilities in all possible meanings of the word. We can check it out on the company’s website– just click on Destinations, and you’ll find it impossible to read the entire list.  

Emirates voucher code

Want to make the prices even lower? There’s such possibility. The described flying carrier offers you special Emirates voucher code which is the way to take advantage of some discount, occasion, etc. How does it work? It’s a child’s play! The process of using money off codes and coupons starts from:
  • Opening where you can find plenty of special offers from various companies. While being on the site, write in “Emirates” in the given search box, and some results will be displayed.
  • You can choose from some offers and if you are interested in using one or more of them, confirm the choice by clicking “Get the Deal” or "Reveal the code" option. By doing so, you'll be redirected to the Emirates’ website to finalize the booking process.
  • What can these codes refer to? There’re many options. This can contain lower ticket prices, special discounts for some specific destinations, favorable conditions for a particular flight, etc. Take your pick and be satisfied!
  • Choose your destination, date, and class from the scroll-down menu and continue your booking process. When the price has been revealed, just enter the promotional code you got from cupomato. See the price drop!
  • Confirm by paying with your credit or debit card, just like in any other case.
It's worth mentioning that Emirates participate in the most popular sale events every year, including the huge Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday.   Now that you have experienced shopping with cupomato for the first time, check out more with Qatar Airways.