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More about Romwe:

Romwe Malaysia discounts

This is a Chinese chain that deals in clothing, dresses and shoes. It was founded in Nanjing in China about seven years ago. The aim of Romwe is to bring to Malaysia the top fashion trends of the day, ranging from catwalk dresses to the real world clothing. It helps people who want to explore and finally find their own fashion styles. Some people love the high heels brought to them by Romwe.  

New Generation Dresses from China

Romwe is part of the Chinese fashion styles. It connects the current Chinese fashion styles to the whole world. Romwe represents everything distinctly Chinese such as the Tai Chi, the dumplings, the Chinese characters, the Spring Festival and the Chinese Dragons. It delivers the new fashion force from China. Every Malaysian girl would love the items stocked at Romwe. This place strives to find unique designs and offers the comfortable and popular styles at affordable prices. As Romwe serves customers on a worldwide basis, it constantly adjusts its policy from pre-sale to post-sale and it promises that its current policy will be the accurate one.  

What happens if the items you like have been sold out?

When an item that you like has been sold out but it still appears on the website, it will be brought back in the inventory items. The usual time that it will take to re-stock is about one week.  

Modes of Payment

  • Credit Cards – Visa and MasterCard
  • PayPal

Romwe Freebies and Coupons

At Romwe, freebies are utilised in the buying process as a unit of credit for the items purchased. One freebie is equivalent to RM1. There are two kinds of coupons that are offered by Romwe – cash coupons and discount coupons. Every order gets associated with a freebie as well as a coupon. When you like to use multiple coupons to buy multiple items, it is possible by placing multiple orders for those selected items.