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The go-to brand for health & beauty

For most of the people at least a bit into make-up & beauty products, the brand Sephora doesn't need much of an introduction. It's a company of which quality speaks for itself. Sephora is a cosmetics brand of a long-standing tradition, having been founded in France by the entrepreneur Dominique Mandonnaud back in 1970. Having been on the market for nearly 50 years now, Sephora has grown from a rather modest cosmetics store in France to become the leading perfumes & cosmetics store on the market. Moreover, sparkled by the amazing success it experienced in the country it originates from, Sephora has now also a super strong presence in countries all around the world.   To say that Sephora specialises in the distribution of top quality beauty products would be too broad. But, at the same time, the brand offers so many different items that it would be impossible to list them all here. Instead, let's just say that they are the leader in terms of delivering best quality products related to skin care, make-up, body & hair care, On top of that, Sephora owns their own private label. On a more formal note, Sephora is currently owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton which, in case you didn't know, is the world's leading luxury goods group. It makes sense, then, that the majority of the products available at Sephora are of the most prestigious quality. Combined with bias-free service from experts, top-quality shopping experience and brand innovations that are being added on regular basis, Sephora is the perfect destination for your next online beauty shopping spree. As mentioned above, Sephora is now a global brand. Currently, the company owns over 1900 stores in 29 countries all around the world. The quickest-expanding base of stores happens to be Asia Pacific region that includes countries like Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India and, most importantly for cupomato users looking for Sephora promo codes, Malaysia.

Sephora products

  Let's have a closer look at the type of products available at Sephora Malaysia. There's not a hope in hell we can have a look at each of them as the websites consist of thousands of items but we will do our best to pick the most significant of each collection.
  • Make-up products

Probably the collection Sephora Malaysia is most renowned for. The makeup section at Sephora is considered "the paradise" by the female community of Sephora. In the makeup collection, you can find top quality products for face, eyes, lips, nails as well as a broad selection of makeup removers. Makeup product prices start from as low as RM11!
  • Skincare products

This section at Sephora is a true wonderland for people (yes, men will also find lots of quality products here) who want to keep their condition in the best condition possible. Sephora skincare products start from as low as RM9. You can browse for products according to their type (cleansers, toners, masks, treatments, moisturisers, sun care items), concern (acne, anti-aging, blackheads, dryness, dullness, pigmentation, oversized pores), ingredients (alcohol-free, collagen, goji berry, oil-free, vitamin C), steps (pre-cleanse, cleanse, tone, moisturise, protect) and skin type (dry, combination, normal, oily, super-sensitive).
  • Hair products 

For those considering hair as the priority of their appearance, there are hundreds of products available there, too. You can improve your hair performance in a number of ways, starting with introducing changes to their shape with Sephora styling products and ending with improving their quality with adequate to your hair type shampoos and conditioners. You can further pamper your hair with treatment products like hair masks, hair oil, hair serum or scalp treatment. Hair products at Sephora Malaysia can be as cheap as RM16 per item!
  • Tools & Brushes 

Another section rich of top quality products for the female part of Sephora community. Products here start at just RM8 and they include classic brushes, manicure & pedicure products, makeup accessories, beauty devices, hair tools, sponges, applicators. Of course, it would also be good to have a classy bag or organizer to store all of these tools - you can get them here, too!
  • Bath & Body products

Making sure your face and hair look a 10 out of 10 is important but so is taking care of your body. After all, they say "your body is your temple". At Sephora Malaysia you will find the best quality products to pamper your body starting at just RM15. This Sephora collection includes bath & shower products, moisturisers, treatment treats, fragrances as well as grooming and sun care line.
  • Sephora Men

As you might have noticed so far, most of the products and collections described so far related to women. Thankfully for men, Sephora introduced a special Men Collection in which there are men's care-exclusive products. In the exclusive men collection at Sephora, the male part of the shop's community will be amazed at the broad selection of skin care, hair care, sun care and grooming products. Additionally, there are literally hundreds of branded fragrances available to choose from. Men can find Sephora products for their body, hair and skin even for as low as RM30.

Sephora brands

There are thousands of best quality beauty products at Sephora and you might ask yourself a question "if the quality is so good, what are the brands?". Here we come with an answer that should settle your doubts!   Sephora is an official and fully licensed distributor of the biggest worldwide brands in the beauty and makeup industry. That's why you can rest assured about the quality you are getting from this store and a fantastic value for money at the same time. Brands listed on Sephora include Clinique, Dyson, Foreo, Estee Lauder and many more. On top of that, do remember that Sephora is a brand itself and the quality is just as good!

Sephora sale & promotions

It's worth noting that there's an ongoing chance to save on your favourite brands and products at Sephora. On the right-hand side of Sephora menu, as pictured below, you can find Sephora Sale section in which the store lists all the products that are currently discounted. Sephora have their own sales schedule and it's difficult to predict the dates of all sale events but we know for sure that big savings are to be made during the following:
  • Sephora Valentines Day Sale - starting usually a week before Valentine's Day (7-14.02)

  • Sephora Singles Day Sale - also known as Sephora 11.11 sale. As the name suggests, it runs on the 11th of November every year.

  • Sephora Double Twelve Sale - also known as Sephora 12.12 sale. As the name suggests, this event is hosted on the 12th of December every year.

  • Sephora Black Friday Sale - this event is hosted on the last Friday of November every year.

Although all of the above-mentioned present customers with fabulous savings, we think that the biggest amount of money can be saved during Black Friday sale. During this special sale Sephora users can pay even 90% less for the products they always wanted but couldn't afford!   On top of that, if you type into Google "cupomato Sephora Black Friday promo code", you have a high chance of scoring even more savings. These type of promos require you to copy the coupon code you find at cupomato during your checkout process at Sephora. After that, an additional discount will be applied to your order.

First Come, First Served!

If you have never shopped at Sephora before, that's actually good news. Again, Sephora gives you the opportunity to save on your order. The "First Come, First Served" offer is for new customers only and allows you to reduce the cost of your first purchase at the store by 10%!  

Sephora shipping

With Sephora Asia headquarters located in Singapore, all the products are shipped from this country. Shipping fee for orders that don't reach the minimum purchase value of RM80 is RM20. For free shipping across Malaysia you have to spend RM80 or more. Once your Sephora order is shipped, you will receive an email message with your tracking information. In this email there will be a unique link in which you will be able to track the exact location of your products. Sephora says that all the orders are delivered within 5-7 business days although in 9 out of 10 instances it's 5 days. Sometimes it's even less than that. Bear in mind, though, that Sephora reserves its right to allow more days for your order to be delivered during sale periods, holidays or extreme weather.

Sephora returns

Sometimes, although it's a rarity in the case of Sephora, it's possible that the item you purchased won't meet your expectations in full. Fortunately, in such scenarios, you have the right to return your order. Sephora allows a 14-day exchange/return policy for any items you are not satisfied with, although it has to meet the following criteria:
  • the item you are asking to return/exchange must be in its original purchase condition
  • packaging must be unopened, unused, unmarked and not damaged in any way
  • if the item was purchased in a multi-product pack, the whole pack must be returned
  • items described as "non-exchangeable" or "non-returnable" don't apply to this policy

Sephora payment methods

There's a broad selection of payment methods at Sephora so we are pretty sure you will be able to find one that suits you best. When it comes to online payment, Sephora allows:
  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex
  • Traditional online bank transfer
  • Paypal payment
Additionally, it's possible to select the COD (Cash on Delivery) although it's only available on orders worth RM300 and below. What's also important, Cash On Delivery isn't available in all cities across Malaysia yet. The COD-friendly cities are as follows: Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor.

Sephora Beauty Pass

  Sephora shoppers with a registered user account can enjoy further benefits on the website in the form of Sephora Beauty Pass program.

What is the Sephora Beauty Pass program?

The easiest way to describe Sephora Beauty Pass is to consider it a rewards program that allows Sephora users to earn reward points that can be then exchanged for rewards, exclusive membership promotions, birthday surprises in shape of free products as well as latest fashion news. Although most rewarding online, Sephora Beauty Pass is also available in-stores. Currently, the program runs for selected countries in Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Australia (both in-store and online) and Hong, Kong, Philippines, New Zealand and Indonesia (online only). Sephora Beauty Program is 100% free to join!